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Prioritizing My Health...

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So it's been about 8 months since I've decided to take control of my health and stop making excuses for my unhealthy lifestyle. In that span of time, ya girl dropped 56lbs and been maintaining it!!!

Since my move about 3 months ago to the DMV area, I've managed to not gain or lose anymore weight. Which to me, is a WIN! And I've been VERY kind to myself since moving here. Meaning I'm not depriving my body from whatever it's craving or whatever my eyes says its craving LOL

But imagine my shock, when after about two months without weighing myself, I stepped on the scale and realized, I didn't slip back into old habits.

And I know, I know there will be health gurus who say, girl dont concentrate on the scale! AND I GET IT! I AGREE! but let's be REAL, seeing that number go down or maintain is a feeling that is unmatched! Yes, my body feels good, I feel limber, lighter... and honestly, I don't think you should weigh yourself often... but that little reassurance you get when you see that the number is staying steady, def let's you know that you are on the right track!

Honestly, I feel like I've been BAMBOOZLED for years into thinking the only way to stay fit and have your body feeling good is to eat 10 salads a day and workout for at least 2 hours! SO FALSE!!!

So how have I been able to maintain, to eat the bag of chips or chocolate cake, but not lose track of my goals?

Well I first started watching my friends who live a healthy lifestyle. I'm fortunate, because two of my besties (Wendy && Jelisa) live very healthy lifestyles and both impart their knowledge to anyone who would ask. They make it seem simple. They've developed their own individual habits that works for them and allows them to enjoy life and not be confined to some sort of eating schedule/restrictions.

So I developed my own. That works for me! And I am by no means telling ANYONE to do what I do. But if you can take a little bit here and there and develop your own habits that helps you live a healthy life then my job here is done!

Below are three habits that I do DAILY to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Get me bodiedd-- staying active

Never would I ever think that I would be the person to ENJOY working out! but your girl does! lol and I believe it is because I am doing the things I enjoy. Meaning, I found activities in which I am moving my body but I'm also having fun.

Now I am no runner, so that was out for me. But boxing is a great source of cardio, and fun to me.

I started jumping rope... which is an activity I loved thoroughly in my youth and am currently finding joy in it now.

I've also recently purchased roller skates which I am HYPE about! it's the perfect way to stay active without feeling like you are doing a rigorous workout!

On most days tho, I usually simply go for a walk or follow along with a yoga video. I simply MOVE MY BODY! Everyday. And I try my best not to complicate it. If it's just putting on my twerking playlist, cleaning and twerking then that is exactly what I do.

And honestly, that's the best way to approach it. Find an activity in which you can move your body while having fun and doing things you enjoy.

2. In the kitchen, wrist flickin like a stir fry-- Cooking my meals

Now, I've always been the type to claim I didn't have time to cook. LIES! I prob cook 98% of my meals now. And I thoroughly enjoy it!

The thing about cooking for yourself, is that you know exactly what you are putting into your meals! You know exactly how you've cleaned and seasoned your meals!

I'm now finding that I prefer my meals more than buying out (YOU ALSO SAVE A TON). I'm enjoying experimenting in the kitchen and learning new recipes. Also, my air fryer is the truth LOL so on days I dont feel like getting down and dirty, I am able to airfry me a meal that would put ya granny to shammmeee!

alright maybe I'm exaggerating lol but it is for sure delicious!

3. Go GREEN-- Drink my greens!

Ok, so I def struggle a bit here trying to get the right recipe down pack for a green protein smoothie! Plant based protein be hella chalky and whey protein def bloats my face. So I've experimented a bit when it comes to this!

However, I def try my best to make sure everyday I have a super green packed protein smoothie that has two servings of veggies and one of fruits. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the right amount of veggies and helps you hit the your protein goals for the day!!!

I also get my probiotics this way, by adding flax seeds or chia seeds to my smoothies!

These are the simple habits that I've adopted and maintain. Not saying it works for all, but it def helps me to have this routine which keeps me on track and overall feeling good!

until next time folks,

Love && Light

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