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Speaking engagements

2018 Drexel University Student Commencement Speaker

One of the most notable speaking engagement was being asked to be the Student Commencement Speaker at my PhD graduation. 

Listen to the entirety of this speech by watching the YouTube video. 

2019 East Orange STEM Academy Commencement Speaker 

I was granted the opportunity to speak before 70 plus students graduating from East Orange STEM Academy High School where many of these students will later on go on to major in a STEM discipline in college.

Hear the speech in its entirety. 

2020 STEM Success Summit

In this workshop, Daphney will discuss her own experiences dealing with microaggressions during her academic journey, and share key points on how she was able to cultivate her own environment by building community and championing for herself. 

Watch the workshop in its entirety below


I've had the pleasure of speaking at the following


  • East Orange STEM Academy 2019 --Keynote Commencement Speaker 

  • Patrick F. Healy Middle School: Pretty Girls Rock 2019 Empowerment Event-- Keynote Speaker 

  • National Coalition of 100 Black Women: Girls Powered by STEM event—Workshop Curator 

  • Drexel University School of Biomedical Engineering, Sciences and Health Systems--2018 Commencement Student Speaker  

  • Mid-Atlantic Graduate Fair—Graduate Student Speaker 

  • Drexel University School of Biomedical Engineering, Sciences and Health Systems 20th year celebration—Graduate Student Speaker 

  • New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund 50th Anniversary—Alumni Keynote Speaker 

and hopefully your next event!

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