"Fortitude and consistency can overcome all barriers between you and your dreams



I am a biomedical engineer by training, focusing on nano- mechanics and mechanobiology in the orthopaedic research field. I am also a fierce advocate for equal and accesible STEM education for all, regardless of race or economic status. Please read below to learn more!   



Orthopaedic Research

I completed my doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University and learned many different techniques along the way... Read more below!

I'd love to speak at your next engagement. 

Throughout the years, I've spoken in many different scientific and empowerment conferences, & panels. I've curated workshops &  been the keynote speaker at several commencements. Learn more by clicking below.

Community Outreach. 

Giving back to the very community that made me who I am, is very important to me. It is a way to not only influence the next generation but also help your community in a substantial way.. learn more below!

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