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The opportunity to give back to my community and share the knowledge that I've gain throughout my journey, is an intricate part of my work.  Any opportunity that I have to speak to a group of students, curate workshops, speak on panels, and raise money for those in need, I take!

Below are a few outreach activities that I've participated in. 

Chery Charity Gala

Giving back to the very country that birthed my parents, that made me the person that I am is extremely important to me. 

The devastation in Haiti due to the earthquake and hurricane was heartbreaking.

Having the opportunity to put together a Charity Gala in which all proceeds were sent to grassroots organizations in Haiti was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. We raised over 10K!!

Watch this vid and check out a recap of the gala!

Girls Powered by STEM

National Coalition of 100 Black Women 

I was granted the opportunity to curate a Nanoparticle Workshop for the young girls who participated in the Girls Powered by STEM event. As I answered questions about my journey to become a scientist, the girls were able to visualize nanoparticles and learn about the importance of it in a short hands-on activity. 

Below are a few images from the event. 


Pretty Girls Rock Event 

at Hart's Middle School

Pretty Girls Rock Event was a full day of activities where young girls had the opportunity to meet various women in many different careers. 

I had the opportunity to sit on a panel and have personal one on one conversations with young girls with an interest in STEM. 

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